3D Architectural & Industrial Scale Model Makers

3D Architectural &
Industrial Scale Model Makers

iKix 3D Prints- Architectural & Industrial Miniature Scale Model Makers

iKix 3D Prints Private Limited is one of the pioneers in the architectural model making industry in India. Setup in 2007, the company has unique value systems that have created an unparalleled name with the Real Estate Developers, Engineers and Architects.

We specialize in producing commercial and residential architectural models, industrial models, exhibition models, mechanical and heavy engineering models, R&D models, prototype models and sculpture models. iKix 3D models have assisted several architects and project developers to stand out from the growing competition by showcasing their designs and ideas in a visually appealing way.

Our architectural 3D modeling can be used for large scale model making, a single building, massing/spatial/detailed models or shadow studies. Geographic Information Systems 3D data can be printed to show actual city landscapes, and proposed buildings can be added to show the effect on a city’s skyline.


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Testimonials from our beloved clients acknowledging our 3D print models

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Our architectural models are produced with high aesthetic sense, which is tailored to each of our client’s personal vision for their project. iKix gives a design communication solution for clients in a quick turnaround time with its revolutionary automated 3D printing/CNC laser cut process.

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Client Testimonials

S. Ravi Shanker | Associate Vice President
S. Ravi Shanker | Associate Vice PresidentGMR POWER CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED
iKix 3D Prints have risen to challenge and have met all the deadlines for completing our project model successfully. We would like to express our special appreciation to the iKix team, who worked hard to shape this project.
H.E. Srinivas Shastry
iKix 3D Prints gave us the innovative edge, we were looking for and highlighted our designs clearly, which differentiated us from the competition. We thank iKix team who delivered quality models to close our deals successfully.
S Ravishankar | Head-Design Competency Centre
S Ravishankar | Head-Design Competency CentreL&T HEAVY ENGINEERING
We appreciate the excellent work done by “iKix 3D Prints” team to deliver our Pilot project model in most satisfying manner. The overall quality of 3D printed model is excellent and has met our requirements.
We would like to appreciate the efforts taken by “iKix 3D Prints” to complete our 3D model in an impressive and appreciable manner. Their team used state of art technology to capture all minute details to present our model.
TV Gopal | Chief PR Manager
TV Gopal | Chief PR ManagerWABAG
We hereby acknowledge that “iKix 3D Prints” has met the challenge and satisfied our expectations. They finished the model work in professional manner with our minimum interference.

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