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Helping customers build their dream projects with the help of our 3D printed miniature models is what excites us. With a decade of experience, iKix 3D Prints have built quality architectural, industrial and real estate models that has brought our customers’ vision to reality. We love hearing from our customers and undertake any changes that are required without any hesitation. Have a look at what our customers say about us!

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S. Ravi Shanker | Associate Vice President
S. Ravi Shanker | Associate Vice PresidentGMR POWER CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED
iKix 3D Prints have risen to challenge and have met all the deadlines for completing our project model successfully. We would like to express our special appreciation to the iKix team, who worked hard to shape this project.
H.E. Srinivas Shastry
iKix 3D Prints gave us the innovative edge, we were looking for and highlighted our designs clearly, which differentiated us from the competition. We thank iKix team who delivered quality models to close our deals successfully.
S Ravishankar | Head-Design Competency Centre
S Ravishankar | Head-Design Competency CentreL&T HEAVY ENGINEERING
We appreciate the excellent work done by “iKix 3D Prints” team to deliver our Pilot project model in most satisfying manner. The overall quality of 3D printed model is excellent and has met our requirements.
We would like to appreciate the efforts taken by “iKix 3D Prints” to complete our 3D model in an impressive and appreciable manner. Their team used state of art technology to capture all minute details to present our model.
TV Gopal | Chief PR Manager
TV Gopal | Chief PR ManagerWABAG
We hereby acknowledge that “iKix 3D Prints” has met the challenge and satisfied our expectations. They finished the model work in professional manner with our minimum interference.

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