Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D Printing ?

We create 3D Design in CAD Software and the same file is sent to an application that recognizes the file format (STL). Application connects to the 3D Printer, 3D File will be sliced into thousands of layers and printers prints one layer at a time, the process continues until all the layers are printed. At the end of the process, you can remove physical scaled model from the printer.


What file formats can I use to upload my 3D files?
The site can handle a large number of formats. The table below summarizes the features are supported for each format

Format 3D GeometryColorsTextures
OBJ  Yes  Yes  Yes 
PLY Yes  Yes  No
STL  Yes  No No
SKP Yes  Yes  Yes 
SKP Yes  Yes  Yes 
KMZ Yes  Yes  Yes 
3DS Yes  Yes  Yes 
AC3D Yes  Yes  Yes 
DX4 Yes  Yes  No
LWO Yes  Yes  Yes 
IGES Yes  No No
STEP Yes  No No
VRML Yes  Yes  Yes 
SCAD Yes  No No

Can I create colored objects?
Yes, definitely

What is the maximum size of 3D Print?
We can print any size and geometry by splitting the parts into pieces and join them together during post process, if the size is more than print bed size of 14” x 10” x 8”.

What are the materials used to print my 3D designs?

  • Composite powder
  • PLA and ABS

What is the thickness of each layer?
0.0035 inches - 0.01 inches.

Will the model be ready immediately after removing from the printer?
3D Prints are not ready immediately after removing from the printer. The prototype has to go through certain post processing steps

  • Drying
  • Brushing
  • Fine Brushing
  • Infiltration

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