iKix 3d Prints is one of the leading architectural model making and additive manufacturing service company in India. We have a decade of experience in delivering robust and high quality 3D printed models to architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries. With highly skilled professionals, advanced 3D printing and CNC router technology, our architectural 3d models are produced with high visual appeal and aesthetic sense.

We help real estate developers and infrastructure architects to “see their design in reality” . iKix is specialized in producing miniature models in vibrant colours and robust materials with quick turn around time. Landscape and other elements like lighting, water bodies and simple movements can be added to enhance the visual value of architecture model. Our commitment is to provide clients with scale models that are of professional quality, accurate and delivered quickly.

Residential and Commercial Models

Our residential and commercial 3D printed models do more than simply provide tangible build site plans…

Masterplan and Cityscape Models

iKix site and master plan models provide a physical tangibility to large projects that cannot be understood by 2D maps…

Infrastructure Models

iKix provides an innovative solution for presenting engineering information for infrastructure projects regardless of scope…

Plant and Factory Models

iKix has the ability to make a factory or a plant model that accurately represents the factory layout showcasing a vast supply…

Engineering and Mechanical Models

iKix industrial 3D printed models have the ability to promote large scale products and ideas around the world…

Concept Models

If you have a design we can make a model of it. Even if a design doesn’t exist, we can have a good shot at it. All that is required are…

Why Choose Us?

Compared to the traditional model making process , our 3D printed architectural scale models are significantly faster to build and more accurate.

  • Cuts misinterpretation, and enable clarity in design communication.
  • Enables quick decision making.
  • Enables Project Managers and Contractors to discuss on the 3D Prints.
  • Enables project completion on time.

Our 3D architectural models are Useful for

Builders & Real Estate Developers

Infrastructure and Industries


Project Managers

Construction Companies

Need vibrant, accurate and robust 3D Printed scale models?

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