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iKix transforms your 2D civil engineering drawings into 3D printed architectural infrastructure models

Models of Bridges,Civil engineering works, PPPs projects

Civil infrastructure projects constitute a large number of building blocks, component installations and complex structures. With 2D drawings, architects and engineers find it unwieldy and difficult to communicate their vision to investors, bankers, and the public.

A 3D printed architectural infrastructure models helps them to overcome these challenges in communication. 3D architecture model building helps architects to easily communicate their bridge models, rail or road project models, power plant models, civil engineering models, public-private partnership (ppps) models, etc.

iKix 3D printed Architectural Infrastructure Models

Project Name: Cable Stayed Bridge 3D Model- Hyderabad, India
Scale: 1: 600
Dimension: 182.8 X 91.4 cm
Purpose: For inauguration of the extradosed cable styed bridge across canal
Turn Around Time: 3 Days

iKix architectural 3D models provides an innovative solution for presenting detailed engineering information for infrastructure projects. Our 3D construction models eliminate the need for project managers, engineers and contractors to piece together multiple 2D drawings to understand the intricacies of the project.

With advanced 3D printing/laser cut technology, our miniature scale models come with full scale landscaping, key infrastructure elements, lighting and interior design variations to present your architecture aesthetic in the most fashionable way.

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What are the benefits of 3D Printed Infrastructure Models?

  • 3D printed civil engineering models eliminate the design communication and demonstration barriers.
  • They create alluring visuals with detailed representation of civil engineering structures and components to bring the site plan to reality.
  • 3D miniature scale models can pre-define the pros and cons of actual layout and general arrangements of the project.
  • Architecture 3D models offer robust, colorful and detailed replicas of your 2D architecture plan

3D Infrastructure Models Can be Used

For Project Plan Proposals

For Site Inauguration display

For Public Display

For National/International Investors Presentation

Download Our Exclusive Project Models Brochure

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