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iKix transforms your ideas into compelling 3D printed concept models

Models of Concept Ideas, Product Development

Concept ideas allow design and architecture firms to broaden their horizon by testing out new thoughts and developing innovative projects. 2D drawings and sketches offer only a restricted depiction of the concept ideas.

A 3D printed architecture concept model can bring your ideas into reality with colourful designs and fine details.

iKix 3D printed conept models

Name: Mosque 3D Model- Oman
Scale: A4
Dimension: 21.0 X 29.7 cm
Purpose: Gift purpose for Omani Royalties
Turn Around Time: 8 Days

Have a design you want to test? Have an idea that you want developed into a design? We can do it for you! Our designers and modeling Just bring us your ideas and let your expert designers and model makers work their magic! With our architectural concept models, you can test out several ideas and develop only the right ones.

Convey your ideas in a way that a drawing never can – only with iKix concept models.

Using Multi-color 3D printing, we provide built-in precision conceptual information models. We are committed to provide you with models that are of professional quality, affordably priced and delivered quickly.

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What are the benefits of 3D Printed Concept Models?

  • With 3D printing, you can create robust concept models that look and feel like the final product.
  • They allow you to easily communicate the developed ideas to collaborators, stakeholders and investors.
  • 3D concept models can serve marketing programs like ads and promotions.
  • Concept models bridges the gap between planning and requirements by solving the complex problems.

3D Concept Models Can be Used

For planning and development

For Communication and demonstration

For visual understanding

For Sales/Marketing

For Public Displays

Download Our Exclusive Project Models Brochure

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Model Making Using 3D Printing, CNC/Laser Cut Technology

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