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iKix transforms your plant and factory layouts into beautiful, accurate and precise architectural 3D models

Models of Plant layouts, Factories, Machinery & Equipment

Plant, factory and industrial projects have technically demanding designs with multiple structures, pipelines and heavy machinery. Architects and project managers face several challenges to demonstrate their designs for legal approvals and permits.

A 3d printed plant and factory architectural model brings the entire site layout to life by displaying its machinery, equipment, and work flow.

iKix 3D printed plant and factory models

Name: 2 x 85 Megawatt Thermal Power Station 3D Model- Chattisgarh, India
Scale: 1: 600
Dimension: 304.8 X 213.3 cm
Purpose: To display at project site office
Turn Around Time: 25 Days

iKix has the ability to make a factory or a plant model that accurately represents the factory layout showcasing a vast supply of equipment and structures. We ensure that our industrial scale models are perfectly in line with the original drawings and information provided by the client.

With advanced 3D printing technology, iKix produces realistic replicas of plant, factory and industrial models, where engineering aspects can be seen, explained and understood even by a layman.

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What are the benefits of 3D Printed Plant and Factory Models?

  • Plant layout models allow viewers of different expertise to understand its engineering and construction aspects.
  • 3D industrial models allow architects and project engineers to study its different viewpoints, or concepts before they become reality.
  • A 3D printed architectural physical model offers quality real-life visuals and gives better perspective for viewers.
  • Plants, industries and factories can use their 3D printed working model as a navigation show piece.

3D Plant and Factory Models Can be Used

For Communication and demonstration

For Sales/Marketing

For Public Displays

For getting approvals and Permits

For Fundraising from Investors

Download Our Exclusive Project Models Brochure

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