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iKix transforms your mechanical and engineering equipments to life with 3D printed prototype models

Models of Mechanical Prototypes, Industrial Machinery, Heavy Engineering Equipments

Over the years, the industrial engineering and manufacturing sectors have developed several machinery tools and equipments. However, to create them, several presentations and design re-works are needed before it can be built.

A 3D printed prototype model brings the real look and feel of the final product and help clients to carry the scaled mechanical and engineering 3D models for research and development needs.

iKix 3D Printed Architectural Engineering Models

Name: Boiler

Scale: 200

Dimension: 6 X 4 Feet

Purpose: Presentation of project during press meet, marketing & display at office

Turn Around Time: 12 Days

iKix 3D printed engineering and mechanical models have the ability to promote large scale equipments and ideas around the world. Our 3D printed prototype models bring the real look of final product and allow clients to easily transport them long distances for R&D purposes.

They can also promote conceptual ideas and products while they are in the development stage. We are committed to providing you with scale models that are of professional quality, affordably priced and delivered quickly.

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What are the Benefits of Mechanical and Engineering 3D models?

  • Architectural engineering model allows you to make design changes before the manufacturing process starts, saving time and money.
  • With 3D prototype models, clients can emphasize the design features and requirements of actual tool.
  • Scale models of industrial equipment are ideal for transporting over long distance for presentation and promotional needs.
  • Industrial engineering 3D models can also provide information on production techniques, materials, and costs.

Mechanical and Engineering 3D Models Can be Used

For Research and Development

For Production Funding

For Presentation and Promotion

For Sales/Marketing

For Public Displays

Download Our Exclusive Project Models Brochure

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