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iKix transforms your masterplan and City planning concepts to realistic 3D printed miniature architectural models

Models of Smart Cities, Urban development plans, Real Estate Projects

Planning a sustainable city or town with proper environmental aspects has become the primary development task for Governments, architects and project developers. It is extremely difficult to visualize the entire city plan with 2D drawings and paper works.

With architecture model making, the entire urban development plan can be created as realistic miniatures. A 3D City model offers realistic and tangible visuals, which help viewers to analyze the forecasted development plan.

iKix 3D printed Miniature City Models

Project Name: Amaravati City, A.P – 3D Model
Scale: 1: 3500
Dimension: 609.6 X 609.6 cm
Purpose: For inauguration of ‘Amaravati’, the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh

Turn Around Time: 12 Days

iKix masterplan and city models provide a physical tangibility to urban or City development plans that cannot be understood by 2D maps and diagrams. Our urban planning models are made with detailed information highlighting the city building blocks, landscapes, and key zones. In addition, the building models are illuminated with touch of a button.

For real estate investors and property developers, our 3D masterplan models provides a real world feel, allowing viewers to imagine how residents and their lifestyle will be enhanced by the wider scope of a project.

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What are the benefits of 3D Masterplan and Cityscape Models?

  • 3D printed urban architecture models are ideal for presenting conceptualized architecture designs.
  • Miniature City models, landscape models and Geography models provide highly visual geographical information to manage complex space problems, in case of rapid urbanization.
  • With 3D cityscape model, contractors and engineers on site location can get a realistic visual of what the finished result should resemble.
  • 3D printed miniature masterplan models are a vital tool for town/city planning and development.

Masterplan and Cityscape Models Can be Used

For Geographical Planning

For Communication and demonstration

For Public Displays

For National/International Investors Presentation

For Real Estate Sales/Marketing

Download Our Exclusive Project Models Brochure

Showcase Your Masterplan and Cityscape Projects into Physical 3D Models

Model Making Using 3D Printing, CNC/Laser Cut Technology

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