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Models of Residential houses, Commercial Buildings, Villas, Skyscrapers

With growing competition in the real estate industry, builders and architects are focused on developing innovative designs and building structures. However, these complex design concepts are difficult to visualize in 2D dimensions.

Architecture Model Making plays a pivotal role in uplifting an architect 2D design or drawing into a visual narrative tool. A 3D printed architectural model helps real estate developers and builders to easily communicate their design ideas and vision with homeowners, investors, planning commissions, and other stakeholders.

iKix 3D printed architectural models

Project Name: RITZ – Danube Properties
Scale: 1: 65
Dimension: 8.0’ X 6.0’ X 4.0’
Purpose: Presentation of project during press meet, marketing & display

Turn Around Time: 12 Days

Our residential and commercial 3D printed building models do more than simply provide tangible build site plans. These 3D models show clients how key architectural features can bring the entire design to life. It is like a reaffirmation that this can be a real project, that it can be built and can be their development. At iKix, we provide an invaluable medium for presenting ideas to clients and working through design phases by creating a 3D printed miniature models to showcase mega projects. Our scale models bring to life a project that a 2D presentation cannot.

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What are the benefits of 3D Printed Building Models?

  • A 3D building model offers realistic visuals of your site plan with detailed sectional views.
  • With state of art 3D printing technology, making these physical models takes less time with high quality.
  • 3D printed models cut misinterpretation between architects and contractors by creating clarity in design communication.
  • Architecture models can be presented to planning commission or building regulators instead of blueprints or drawings to obtain the required permits without any difficult challenges.

Architectural Models Can be Used

For Sales/Marketing

For Trade Shows

For Approval and Permits

For Fundraising

For Public Display

Download Our Exclusive Project Models Brochure

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