Architecture Marketing 2021: Three Amazing Ways to Promote Your Concept Design Ideas

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“Architecture Marketing is an effective and collaborative way to elevate your concept design for attracting potential clients.”

Marketing is an essential and effective tool for your architecture & design firm to increase its brand visibility. However, most of the designing firms think of marketing as a costly investment and miss a huge piece of a slice in the market. Digital technology has brought innovative marketing tools, and social forums to reach your target audience directly and showcase your new design concepts and ideas.

“There are a million ways to plan and design your architecture but the only way to make a client understand your concept vision is through marketing.”

Architects and architecture design companies often fail to understand the potential value of marketing to create strong relationships with clients. Marketing allows you to express the vision behind creating your concept ideas and act as a catalyst for business growth.


Here is the list of emerging marketing ideas and concepts for 2021 and beyond

  1. 3D Printed Display Scale Models

The introduction of architectural 3D printing or additive manufacturing in AEC industry has allowed architect players like you to create prototype scale models to showcase conceptual design ideas in real-life visual models rather than complex 2D plan sketches.

A 3D printed architectural scale model communicates the floor plans, sectional and landscape designs in three-dimensional views physically and visually showcasing the aesthetics of the finished product even before the construction begins. This allows clients and stakeholders to easily analyze and approve the conceptual design for construction.


iKix 3D architectural & Industrial Scale Model Making Services


3D Display/Marketing Scale Models Help Architects to:

  • Easily convey the plan, structure & elevation scheme to clients
  • Provides a broad spectrum of insights about concept design
  • Allows unparalleled design explorations before construction begins
  • Increases business value proportion
  • Attracts potential customers for clients
  • Provides a high level of realism in the construction aspect


  1. Digital Press Releases

Recently search engine giants like Google, Bing & Yahoo have mentioned that digital press releases can generate 50% more visibility on the internet through their online news and publishing sites. Architecture firms can utilize press release distribution sites to publish a short article about their services along with 3D printed conceptual model designs to increase brand visibility and attract potential clients around the globe.


Press release ideas for architecture marketing


Below are some of the top-ranking digital press release sites:

  • Newswire
  • Marketmirror24
  • Businesswire
  • Webnewswire
  • Marketpressrelease
  • Prfree
  • Prsync


  1. Pinterest

Pinterest has been considered as the value-based social platform for promoting architecture and designer firms. It is a content-sharing collaborative tool to attract and engage a large community audience. The platform mobile-friendly and interactive user interface allows you to easily upload and share 3D conceptual design model images and videos to create a buzz among potential clients and audiences.


Pinterest architecture marketing ideas for 2021


Benefits of Pinterest Platform for Architects:

  • Connect with 1M+ architecture & design communities
  • Easily upload & share concept design images & walk-through videos
  • Engage and attract potential clients
  • Real-time analytics and monitoring of your pins


“Buildings are getting so complex. An architect can’t sit in a room with the door shut and with no connection to the outside world,”  says Larson

The need for creating sustainable architecture designs made architects come up with the most complicated concepts. The 2D plan sketches of the concept designs cannot narrate the entire vision of an architect to the client. With unparalleled marketing techniques such as displaying the 3D conceptual scale model, an architect can visually communicate and engage the clients and stake holders for immediate approvals.

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